Maintenance Service

If any failures or faults are found in the products supplied by us, we will promptly dispatch our skilled service staff(s) and solve problems.
We are always fully prepared to provide services so that customers’ business may not be hindered by any possible failures or faults in our products.

Periodic Inspection Service

In addition to maintenance service, we are offering periodic maintenance services to customers. Our products use pressure vessels and are subject to applicable laws in many countries from the view point of safety. In Japan, laws such as ‘Occupational Safety and Health Law’ is applied, which stipulates that users of pressure vessels shall implement periodic inspection. Frequency of this inspection required by the law depends on the types of pressure vessels. For instance, for small-sized pressure vessels, periodic inspection is required to be implemented once every year. This periodic inspection needs to be carried out by engineers with professional expertise and sufficient experience from the viewpoint of safety.

Obligations for such inspection required by the laws may vary with countries. Customers may choose to implement, for your own efforts, the inspection which may be required by the laws applicable in respective country.

However, if customers choose to assign our company to implement such inspection, we would be pleased to offer inspection services at any time.

Expense and time necessary for the inspection depend on conditions and frequency in the use of products.

We can offer several service programs for selection to suit various customer needs.

Lastly, but not the least, it is highly recommended that periodic inspection
is conducted for safety purpose by customers in countries where there is no applicable law.

For inquiry about maintenance and periodic inspection services, please
contact the following address, or fill out the inquiry form and send it to us.

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