About us

Message from President and CEO

Our corporate philosophy is to continuously contribute to society.
We have been holding up this ideal since we were established in 1982. To realize this ideal we have been trying to improve our skills and knowledge to better meet our customers’ needs.

Our company is an all-around manufacturer. Special environmental control technologies such as vacuum, pressurization, steaming and heating are applied to all our products. We handle the manufacture of our products from the earliest stage to the last, from creation to designing and production. In this way, we can ensure that our original machines satisfy our customers’ needs.

We will continue our firm determination to improve ourselves with pride and enthusiasm. In addition, we are confident that innovations in high technologies will provide boundless possibilities for us to create new original products to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Futoshi kobayashi, President and CEO

About us

We are an engineering company that develops, designs, manufactures, and sells equipment that is useful to society through comprehensive control of pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. We are unique in the development, design, and manufacture of high-pressure equipment, which is subject to particularly high pressure and requires strict manufacturing approvals. We also hold a number of practical patents related to it. Devices that control pressure, temperature, and humidity always require a container as a space for physical control. This vessel has a wide range of hazards, especially where "pressure" control is required, and is subject to legislation in many countries. Therefore, specialized techniques and skills are required. This is where our experience comes in. We have obtained CE marking certification for our equipment.

Name of company

October 1982

JPY 100,000,000-

The chairman of the Board
Masaru Kawahara

President and CEO
Futoshi Kobayashi

Business Line
First Class Pressure Vessel
High-Pressure Gas Vessel (Specified Equipment)
Small Pressure Vessel
Secound Class Pressure Vessel
Vacuum Vessel
Environment test equipment and producion equipment with application of pressure vessels and vacuum vessels


Head Office, Factory and Sales Division

2-5-5 Honbasu, Kawaguchi-Shi, Saitama, 334-0076
TEL: +81-48-283-5660
FAX: +81-48-284-8444

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Head Office/Sales Engineering Department/Honhasu Factory

Honbasu-Minami Factory

2-5-1 Honbasu, Kawaguchi-Shi, Saitama, 334-0076

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2-8-33 Honbasu, Kawaguchi-Shi, Saitama, 334-0076

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Osaka Office

8F-2 Taniyon Square Bldg., 1-2-15
Uchihonmachi, Chuoku, Osaka, 540-0026 Japan

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Historical Development

  • October 1982
  • Established with Capital of JPY 3,000,000.
  • January 1983
  • Pressure Cooker Test System for semiconductors released
  • December 1986
  • Authorized by Germany Safety Association.
  • November 1988
  • Capital increased to JPY 10,000,000
  • October 1990
  • Authorized as the class 1 pressure vessel manufacturer (300kgf/cm2)
  • February 1992
  • High Pressure Fuel Injector released
  • November 1992
  • Vacuum & Pressure Hot Press released
  • October 1994
  • LC Injection Machine released
  • April 1996
  • High Temperature and Pressure Equipment for Organic Material released (800 degree C, 300 kgf/cm2)
  • October 1996
  • High Pressure Gas Supply System released (450 kgf/cm2)
  • April 1997
  • Patent for Vacuum and Heating Method and Machine granted
  • June 1998
  • New Building of Head Office and Factory completed
  • May 1999
  • Patent for Sealing of Vacuum and High Pressure Vessel granted
  • June 1999
  • Capital increased to JPY 40,000,000.
  • June 1999
  • Investment decision made by Saitama-ken Creative Enterprise Investment Fosterage Foundation
  • October 1999
  • Honbasu Factory started (production capacity increased to 4 times as much)
  • December 1999
  • Authorized as a specific new business by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • February 2000
  • Capital increased to JPY 65,000,000 with investment by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • February 2000
  • Received Debit Guarantee by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • March 2000
  • Capital increased to JPY 161,250,000
  • October 2000
  • Honbasu-minami Factory and Environmental Control Technology Laboratory completed
  • May 2001
  • Capital increased to JPY 223,690,000
  • April 2002
  • Opened Taiwan office for customer development
  • February 2003
  • Capital increased to JPY 318,240,000
  • July 2004
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture License of P.R. China(ML) granted
  • July 2005
  • ‘Development of Large-size Glass Panel Airflow Transport Equipment’ selected as a business subsidized by NEDO for practical application of industrial technologies
  • November 2005
  • Kansai Office (Mie Factory) completed
  • November 2005
  • Certification of CE Marking granted
  • November 2006
  • Capital increased to JPY 340,265,000
  • October 2011
  • Capital decreased to JPY 100,000,000