Sublimation & Purification Equipment



This equipment carries out sublimation and purification of materials such as luminous materials for organic EL
displays in order to increase their purity. By utilizing evaporation (sublimation) temperature, only luminous
substance is sublimated from the mixture of luminous substance and impurities in vacuum state. It is then
extracted in high-purity condition after re-condensed in low-temperature section. Since heat is applied in vacuum
state, processing temperature may be low. It is also possible to restrain electricity needed for heating as well as to
prevent deterioration of luminous substance.
Various types of equipment from small-type for experimentation to large-type for mass-production are available
for selection.


Type VQ-0510 VQ-3020
Temperature R.T.  –  600 degrees C
Exhaust devices Turbo-molecular pump
+Dry pump
Diffusion pump
+ Oil rotary pump
+ Oil mist separator
+ Oil-back prevention filter
Vacuum degree 9*10-3Pa 9*10-5Pa
Gas flow (option) Ar3  –  30cc/min.
Heating 2 zones 3 zones
Heater Ceramic fiber heater
Chamber φ60quartz L1000 φ274quartz L1960
Collection pipe φ50quartz L100*3 φ270quartz L300*6
Cold trap Immersion type cooler Made of liquid nitrogen trap SUS
Power supply AC200V 1φ 3kw AC200V 3φ 28.5kw
Outside dimension W*D*H 1200*700*1400 1550*1800*2685
Weight 400kg 900kg
Cooling water (city water) 1L/min. 15L/min.

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