Vacuum Dehydration Equipment for Chip Parts

For instantaneous dehydration of chip parts after washing


Instantaneous dehydration can be accomplished by heating with a far-infrared heater, rapid vacuuming and rapid return to normal pressure.
Outflow of solvent into drain is prevented.


Type AD-25
Pressure Vacuum 665Pa (5Torr)
Temperature Room-temperature  –  150 degrees C
Vacuum attainment time Within 20 seconds to attain 6.7Kpa(s).
Return time to normal pressure Within 25 seconds
Chamber size W250xH300xD250 (about 20L) mm
Rack size W240*D240 mm
Power supply AC200V 3φ 4.6kw
Outside dimension W*D*H 450*960*1700 mm
Weight 450kg

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