Pressure Degreasing Furnace

For degreasing of wax before ceramic baking


Crack of ceramics can be prevented by containing the saturated vapor pressure of wax and raising temperature to 600 degrees C during pressurization,
and then decreasing the pressure gradually and letting vapor out of wax.


Type BW-2470 BW-3070 BW-5070 BW-6570
Vacuum  /  Pressure 1Pa  /  1MPa(G)
Temperature Room temperature  –  600 degrees C
Chamber size φ240*700 φ300*700 φ500*700 φ650*700
Power supply 8kw 12kw 20kw 30kw
Cooling-water L/min. 10 20
Substitution gas N2 or air
Outside dimension W*D*H 900*1350*1500mm 1300*1500*2000mm

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