Liquid Crystal Degassing Equipment Type: R Series

For preliminary degassing of liquid crystal before filling process


This equipment is designed to conduct preliminary degassing that is very effective in shortening process time of filling as well as to secure good results in filling process.
Stirrer function attached to the equipment makes it possible to accomplish efficient degassing under low-vacuum degree.
Equipment is also effective for lower viscosity liquid crystals driven by low voltage.
Vacuum degree is digital-controlled and degassing conditions can be controlled accurately.
It has a fine effect especially in preliminary degassing for ODF as well. Window attached to the lid of vacuum vessel allows easy check of degassing status.


Type R-12S
Vacuuming method Vacuum pump (dry pump)
Vacuum holding method Program- controlled
Stirring method Stirring with magnet stirrer
Lid opening-and-closing method Manual operation
Vacuum leak method Leak with leak valve
Vacuuming speed Program-controlled

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