In-line Type Liquid Crystal Filling Equipment


This equipment is an in-line type equipment to fill cells with liquid crystal automatically and continuously.
After cassettes are set on the loader of the equipment with AGV or MGV, the equipment perform continuously processes of vacuum baking before filling – cooling – degassing of liquid crystal- exhaust from the cell liquid crystal filling, while conveying the cassettes fully automatically.
Chambers to perform each processing are linearly arranged in sequence, and both pressurization and vacuumization are made possible in the chambers that adjoin each other, by adoption of the vacuum high pressure chamber sealing method which is our patented technology (patent No. 2933514).
Furthermore, vacuum heat treatment method, our patented technology (patent No. 2622356), is adopted into the vacuum baking chamber before filling process and vacuum baking treatment can be performed under a uniform temperature.
Also, by installing a liquid crystal degassing chamber separately, it becomes possible to exhaust from cell under high vacuum state, minimizing evaporation of liquid crystal. After filling process is completed, automatic return function of the liquid crystal tray is activated and worker’s burden is lessened.
This equipment is capable of making recipe setting of 20 steps x50 patterns and handling panels of maximum of 50 inches.

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