Liquid Crystal Filling Equipment

Full Automatic Liquid Crystal Filling Equipment with Dispenser



This equipment is a vacuum liquid crystal filling equipment of single chamber type.Front door employs an automatic slide opening-and-closing method.
Liquid crystal tray is also made to come out in front automatically and supply of liquid crystal is automatic. Display (cell) and liquid crystal tray are set in the chamber, and exhaust from the cell and degassing of liquid crystal are performed simultaneously.
The door is furnished with an observation port and it allows for observation of the inside of the chamber in detail

Batch Type Liquid Crystal Filling Equipment

VPF-333                                        VPF-777-MD


This equipment is a simple vacuum liquid crystal filling equipment of single chamber type.
Since entire surface of the front door is made of glass, inside of the chamber is bright and close observation is possible.
In addition, as foaming state of liquid crystal and filling state of the liquid crystal into the cell inside can be observed directly, checking of the optimal process conditions is very convenient.
Vacuum degree is controlled by programmed PID control method and it allows for smooth vacuum control
which is not possible with opening-and-closing of valves.It is also possible to add functions such as heating function as option.

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