High temperature Annealing Equipment (Vacuum Type/Pressurizing Vacuum Type)


This equipment is annealing equipment that can be used in both vacuum and pressurizing state.
It delivers excellent temperature uniformity especially for glass substrates arranged at a narrow pitch.
It is also capable of making the ripening temperature uniform during temperature fall.


Type Type Name Vacuum /Pressure Temperature Atmosphere Effective Diameter * Depth
Vacuum VA-6550H 20Pa  –  Atmospheric RT  –  450 degrees C AIR N2 Ar φ550*550
VA-85700H φ750*750
VA-110100H φ1000*1000
VA-130120H φ1200*1200
Pressurizing vacuum HPVA-6550H 1.3Pa  –  0.5MPa RT  –  500 degrees C φ550*550
HPVA-85700H φ750*750
HPVA-110100H φ1000*1000
HPVA-130120H φ1200*1200

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