Heating and Fast Cooling Oven (Conveyor Oven)

Exterior material: stainless steel plate


Heating and cooling are conducted while the works are placed in cassettes. Clean air is made available since air in the clean room is used as a source for cooling and it is let pass through HEPA filter.
Built-in ionizer serves as a perfect measure for protection against static electricity.
Work is carried out either by placing cassettes on loader or by connection to the automated conveyor system of factory. (For unattended operation)

Exterior face: baking finish


Excellent temperature uniformity: Within ±3 degrees C Uniform effect can be obtained for all LCDs.
High-speed proccessing: Rapid temperature rise allows short takt-time processing.


Type HA Series
Temperature Max150 degrees C
Takt time 3  –  10minutes

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