Vacuum and Pressure Oven



Heating/ cooling and pressurization/decompression are carried out while the works are placed in cassettes.
Pressure and temperature can be program-controlled independently. Vacuum is also controlled by Pirani gage.
This equipment has been developed for the purpose of heat treatment of cells and degassing of adhesives in annealing chamber usable for both vacuuming and pressurization.
It should be further noted that excellent temperature uniformity can be obtained especially for cells arranged at a short interval.
Cells are completely protected from damages by program control of pressure during decompression process.
In addition, homogeneous treatment can be achieved thanks to excellent temperature uniformity attained by positive pressure at the time of temperature fall.
Also, ideal treatment can be accomplished with our original method (patented) that allows vacuum and pressure annealing after attainment of uniform temperature distribution.


Type HPVA-95120AA HPVA-110220
Vacuum/pressure 1.33Pa/0.49MPa(G)
Temperature MAX 210 degrees C
Degree of cleanness Class 100
Chamber size mm φ950*L2200 φ1100*L3100
Power supply 35kw 75.6kw
Outside dimension (main body) W*D*H mm 1650*2700*1900 1800*4250 *2200

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