Vacuum and Pressure Hot Press VPHP Series

For research and development of new materials and functional materials as well as for use in production line


It is possible to process new materials of high purity at high speed and with high precision under atmospheres from vacuum to each pressurized gas, with heat treatment under vacuum atmosphere, bonding treatment, and heat treatment under pressurized atmosphere being conducted continuously.


Type VPHP-5560 VPHP-8570 VPHP-110100
Achievement level of vacuum degree 10-3Palevel / 1.0MPa(G)
Temperature 800 degrees C(Normally used 700 degrees C)
Effective heating zone and distribution 100mm±5 degrees C
Press capacity 0.5  –  10ton±5% 1  –  40ton±5% 1  –  100ton±5%
Effective diameter φ50 uniform pressurization φ100 uniform pressurization φ150 uniform pressurization
for pressurization 2 step pressure control by air hydraulic booster 100mmstroke
Temperature control PID control
Gas control Mass flow and pressure control system N2, 1 other system
Chamber size φ600*L600mm φ850*L700mm φ1100*L1000mm
Power supply 200V3φ 20kw 30kw 40kw
Outside dimension W*D*H 1600*1800*1830mm 2000*1900*2000mm 2300*2300*2100mm
Weight 1500kg 2000kg 2500kg

Referential Example of Hot Press Process

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