Autoclave with Press Function

For adhesion of laminate thin films and heat treatment
For degassing of laminate thin films
For homogenization of adhesive layer


Type HPVP-5060 HPVP-8570 HPVP-110100
Pressure 1MPa(G)
Temperature Room temperature  –  200 degrees C
Chamber size φ500*D600 φ850*D700 φ1100*D1000
Press area 260*300 600*600 800*800
Press capacity 0  –  100kg 0  –  500kg 0  –  800kg
Outside dimension W*D*H 970*1420*1610mm 1100*2270*1725mm 1700*2770*1870mm
Weight 450kg 1500kg 2800kg

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