Autoclave (Constant Temperature Pressurization Equipment)

Hinge Type Autoclave HP-5050

This equipment is perfectly fit for pressure degassing of small-size LCD used for products as well as for use in various experimentations.
Since it is designed with top priority given to safety,highest quality is delivered to customers.
Adoption of inner-heating type heater allows quick start-up with small power consumption and short cycle time.


Tunnel Type Autoclave HP-135125W

This is tunnel type equipment with slide doors for the chamber front and rear. Connection with conveyor allows to build straight line layout.


Slider Type Autoclave HP-8570

This equipment is suitable for processing middle to large sized LCD. Handling of work pieces is easy since lid and work stage are slider. Door opening/closing is automatic.


Inline Type Autoclave

Combination of autoclave and automatic conveyor equipment enables inline processing with communication function with AGV.
Single-substrate processing type equipment is also available to deal with 7th and 8th generation lines.


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