Pressure Bubble Removing Equipment/Autoclave


This equipment is designed to remove bubbles mixed in adhesive agent during attaching process of variety of films such as LCD polarizing film. By applying uniform pressure while heating work piece in chamber, it not only removes bubbles but also increases adhesive strength in an instant.
It can also crush bubbles entrained during resin-molding of electronic components by pressurization and cure the resin by heating.



Placing first priority on safety, we handle all processes from designing to production in house to secure high quality and safe products.
Chamber conforms to pressure test criteria based on Industrial Safety and Health Law of Japan. In China,we have obtained Manufacture License(ML) for special equipment.

High throughput

Inner heat type heater allows quick temperature rise with low power consumption and it provides short cycle time.

Temperature uniformity

Excellent temperature uniformity has been realized with inner heat type heater and sirocco fan.
Standard specification specifies that temperature distribution is approx.10% of setting value.

Automatic control

Each of temperature and pressure is controlled automatically.

Usable in clean room

By utilizing SUS chamber and stirring system minimizing generation of dusts, equipment can be used in a clean room.

Fully automatic operation

Equipment can be upgraded to conveyor integrated system for fully automatic operation. S
tandalone type is operated automatically after placing work pieces and pressing start switch.

Compact body

Size of whole equipment has been made compact to possible extent as compared to size of chamber.

Energy saving

Attention has been paid to designing to save energy. Our inner heat type heater requires power of less than that of conventional autoclaves.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is quite easy. It is adequate to maintain only shaft seal unit of fan once a year.

Easy installation

Equipment is of simple and solid structure and does not require complex adjustment.


Hinge Type Autoclave HP-5050

This equipment is suitable for pressure bubble removing of small LCD used for cellular phones, etc., and for variety of experiments.

Tunnel Type Autoclave HP-135125W

This is tunnel type equipment with slide doors for the chamber front and rear. Connection with conveyor allows to build straight line layout.

Slider Type Autoclave HP-8570

This equipment is suitable for processing middle to large sized LCD. Handling of work pieces is easy since lid and work stage are slider. Door opening/closing is automatic.

Inline Type Autoclave

Combination of autoclave and automatic conveyor equipment enables inline processing with communication function with AGV.
Single-substrate processing type equipment is also available to deal with 7th and 8th generation lines.

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