The message from the chairman of the Board

Our company’s guiding precepts is to continually contribute to society. We have been holding up this ideal since we were established in 1982. To realize this ideal we have been trying to improve our skills and knowledge to better meet our customer’s needs.

Our company is an all-around manufacturer. Special environmental control technologies such as vacuum, pressurization, steaming and heating are applied to all our products. We manage the manufacture of our products from the earliest stage to the last, from creation to designing and production. In this way, we can ensure that our original machines satisfy our customer’s needs.

Twenty-five years have passed since our company was established. We will continue our firm determination to improve ourselves with pride and enthusiasm. In addition, we are confident that innovations in high technologies will provide boundless possibilities for us to create new original products to meet our customer’s diverse needs.

Masaru Kawahara, The chairman of the Board

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